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Why are we here?

This question has been the subject of philosophical speculation and religious debate for thousands of years. Can we ever know the answer, or is it, somehow forever beyond the reach of human knowledge? Can the aggregate of neurons we call the brain know for a certainty what truth is? Might there be some reason for the lives we live that transcends that which we can observe with our senses? Or, has nature played a sinister trick on us by giving us a thirst for an ultimate purpose that is non-existent?

This website is dedicated to the thesis that the answers to these ultimate questions CAN be known, and that the answers are more than satisfying to the human craving for value and purpose. To give the searcher evidence to assess for him or herself the feasibility of this thesis is the goal of this website.

Evidence for God
Answers to objections
Secrets to Knowing Truth
Where Did Cain Get His Wife?
The Creation / Evolution Controversy - What Both Sides Should Do and Avoid
Why Is There Something Instead of Nothing?
If there is a God, why is there so much suffering?

Why Believe the Bible?
The Fact Opinion Myth
What is faith?     Faith is under attack by many today. It is considered the antithesis of science, and even a dangerous menace to society by some. Those who criticize faith, would do well to consider whether they might have faith themselves, and how their world view would be impacted if faith were totally dispensed with.

Answers to objections
Origins, Further Study - recommended resources
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